EMERGENCY: Anyone here who has owned/bred rats able to help me? My little Rosie’s ears are suddenly VERY crusty on the tips/half way down to the point they are FALLING OFF and able to be crunched off!! D: My vet in town (the only vet in the area) Dose not work with rats AT ALL and wont/cant help…

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    We had Pet shaming….and Pokemon shaming….

    Now I bring you  PONY shaming!

    Starting off with a Snow Shame post!!

    *jumps on the bandwagon of horse shaming*

    awwwww yeah!<3

    everyone hop the ponyshaming bandwagon woo

    **yay bandwagon!!**

    Grace: They don’t like it, then they should pay more attention to me

    **yes I’m going to reblog EVERY ADDITION!!**

    Gosh there’s a bunch of them~

    *casually throws in canon pony*

    **this one made me snort giggle*

    Mod: Because he can be a bad Pen sometimes…

    Art by Snow

    This sign was made using stolen stationary.

    Pearl: He wasn’t evil…*grumbles* or tyrannical…

    Tech, NO.


    EMERGENCY: Anyone here who has owned/bred rats able to help me? My little Rosie’s ears are suddenly VERY crusty on the tips/half way down to the point they are FALLING OFF and able to be crunched off!! D: My vet in town (the only vet in the area) Dose not work with rats AT ALL and wont/cant help me

    She is in a pen with another female rat Kanaya, who seems fine, but I’m still really worried! Anyone here who can help me help her or at least figure out whats going on?? Money is not a problem and i can pay for any medicine/surgery if needed once i find a vet who will help(if i can)

    It just seems to be getting worse very quickly but she dosnt seem to be in pain (unless ears are touched) and is still eating/drinking well. Her ears are already partly GONE from this weird red crunchy infection THING


    jonsnowknowsnothin’s SUPER SHINY HOENN GIVEAWAY!!

    to celebrate the upcoming release of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, all these generation 3 pokemon are up for grabs!
    for starters, there will be SEVENTEEN WINNERS! each of these winners will get THREE pokemon each!! (first place will choose first, second place choosing second and so on)
    and that is just to start of with.. for every 500 notes this post gets I will add another winner and another three pokemon! (Upto 2500 notes!)
    • only reblogs count as entries! likes don’t count. (you can reblog as much as you like, but please don’t spam your followers!)
    • you do not need to follow me to win! (but if you do i will give you an extra entry as a thankyou!)
    • you must be happy to exchange friend codes with me, have a copy of pokemon x or y, and access to wi-fi to receive your prizes
    • you need to have an open ask box! if i cannot contact you on tumblr, then you forfeit your winnings, and another winner will be chosen to fill your spot.
    • winners will be chosen via a random number generator, and given 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen!

    if you have any questions please don’t be afraid to send me an ask, I am happy to answer!!


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  4. Here is my newest little foster boy. My sister had found him looking for a home online and let me take him off her hands to raise him. (she doesn’t live with us) He’s about 3-4 weeks old and is the runt of the litter. Right now he’s being bottle fed and is just the cutest thing out there. Still looking for a name but I’m sure a good one will show up soon.



    Sharks sure have gotten popular, And I should have some pop-pop boats finished by Summer.

         …Did some of those customers seem fishy to anypony else?

    AHHHH I’m so sorry for reblogging late Tinker! ;//////////; THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my question along with the others! >v< Shark looks really well-drawn even though she’s covered a bit- and you got the piercings right on her ear which I’m so thankful for Q//v//Q And good golly I see Inkazumi cameo-ing there! >/////v//////< Thank you so much for that as well!

  5. What should i do?

    WOW! 238 followers and counting! What should I do for you guys to show how awesome you guys are for following me?

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    Since 50 followers left to 1000 i decided to start it. Because i am inpatient and so excited that i can’t wait no more : D

    SO, we had here digital drawing raffle, statue raffle and now, i am offering to one winner, BOOK full of traditional pictures of character / characters of your choice.
    50 PAGES of drawings (sketches, linearts, colored, toned, shaded, watercolor, marker colored pictures…). Every single kind will be included in book!

    1. You have to follow me (new followers are welcomed!)
    2. You have to reblog this 
    3. There will be only one winner picked by random generator
    4. By joining this, you agree with sending me your address and your full name (BOOK will be sent to the winner!)
    5. I will pay shipping and handling
    6. Winner can choose max. 10 characters (cannon or OCs, doesn’t matter!) 
    7. Its up to me, what kind of drawings i will draw to book, poses, medium, i have free hand in this, BUT any story about characters or any suggestions are welcomed! 
    8. This raffle is made by me, prize will be paid and sent by me and Tumblr doesn’t have anything to do with this event.

    DEADLINE IS 10. MARCH 2014

    Good luck! :)

    I accidentaly deleted original post, so i have to reblog again to have it on my page, sorry for spam

    8 days left!

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    Where you feel it

    bringing this back because important 

    Shame is Spider-man

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    (Spread the word and get searching!)

    #SafeSearchWrapUp is heavily community driven effort to help make the SafeSearch features on image-search engines such as GoogleImages be free of NSFW content. Every cartoon from “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to “Young Justice” contains fan made pornographic works referred to as Rule-34. Rule-34 is a catch all term detonating porn of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING, cartoon or not. However searching up images of any animated series will likely turn up these images, even on the first few pages.

    As the teen and adult fans of the show, we have to be considerate of the younger target audience. A lot of parents and their children may be looking up images of their favorite characters to print out and put on their wall or such. So lets come together …. no wait. As a community we can make image searching safer for the young ones and their parents. No shutting down or deleting things from existence, simply keeping it off SafeSearch as a courtesy for others.


    The Game Plan:

    Everyone should pick at least one search term they think would commonly used by kids and their parents, such as “My little pony twilight sparkle”. You can search at your leisure through a few pages… say 5-10 at least? However, on the 7th and 20th of every month we can all do it in large droves. If the call is sent out all at the same time, like a tradition then more people are likely to participate. Additionally, if Google or Bing gets a lot of flags for the same image from a lot of people- we can assume they will be more likely to remove it.

    What to look for? Gore, blood, penises, vaginas, and perhaps lingerie. Just use your best judgement. Honestly if its something you wouldn’t look at while at work or show to a kid, then its probably not something we want showing up in a safe-search! If you think it should be done out of safe search as well, then thats your call to make.


    How To Flag:

    On Google, simply enlarge an image and go to Send Feedback circled here and enter comment notifying them the image is “not suitable for children” or something along those lines:


    On Bing, simply click the flag image in the lower left corner when you hover over an image. Then check the “Adult” checkbox. Quick and easy! Lets do this!

    Also see #SafeSearchWrapUp’s sister projects:

    Note: The original date was going to be the 15th of every month, however I decided to do it en masse twice a month instead.

    I am so down for that you don’t even understand

    see? this is how you fix the whole porn thing. not “YOU FUCKING SCUM PERVERTS YOU’RE RUINING THE SHOW FOR CHILDREN” Instead of yelling to see who can be the loudest idiot, we’re actually getting shit done. I’m double down for this.

    Activism being done correctly? Good job!

    Wow, this is actually a really smart idea tha does something tangible and isn’t completely asinine. Good on you, people.

    Lets do it everybody. Not just ponies either try searching you favorite pokemon or magical girls. This effects all fandoms of child amid content.

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  9. Mod Note

    Just got out of the ER after almost 5 hours of care, and feeling like I got hit by a truck. The CT scan was clear except for a large mass that turned out to be nothing but 4 days worth of trapped air from some severe constipation. (that got taken care of in ways I don’t feel like saying, but it is amazing what a shot can do) Feeling better now and should be fine after a few days rest :’)

  10. Almost there!

    2 followers away from 200! :D
    (will delete later)

  11. Um... If the school is refusing to do anything on the matter, maybe find a lawyer? You have evidence that their system is wrong... They'd at least be able to tell you if what you have will be enough for them to fix their stupid system? Cause suddenly failing everything would kind of suck.

    Yeah, I think I may do that actually. I’m not really willing to let 2 years worth of college rot away due to an error. Maybe it will kick their buts into fixing the stupid glitch system if nothing else, I hope no one else has gone through this.


    Please lord grant me the patience to not flip out now that my entire future is on the line. 
    I am now in my third year of college and have done very well with my grades. I have passed all but one class, and even then it was taken care of after it turned out to be an error by the teacher.  

    Now, I’m not one to rant but this is stressing me out and making me worry that my plans for my life have been put on hold. You see, I went to sign up for more classes, no big deal right? Things went well and when I went online to submit my classes, low and behold, I got
    informed that it was impossible. Why? Because apparently I have failed every class I have taken in the last two years.

    The thing is though that I DIDN’T. I have proof of my actual grades and I can assure you they are FAR from failing. Even though I have the reports of my true grades and I am known to be a good student, the school cannot fix this error.  They cannot take my word, or proof, on the
    subject due to their policy. Therefore they asked me to email my old teachers for their input on the matter.  

    Normally that would not be a problem, except at this point it is. As it turns
    out the grades are kept in the schools online system. The very system that now says I failed. One teacher has already said that I haven’t failed, nor can she believe that the school is not handling the problem. After two years it’s impractical to think that the teachers would still have my grade written down somewhere off of the grading site.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I do not blame the school nor its employees for this error. I can understand why they would need proof that isn’t just mine.The thing is though that the only way to prove I didn’t fail is now impossible, as it is the error filled site itself.

    If anyone has advice please tell me what I should do. I have already contacted everyone at the school that I can, but no one seems to be able to help. At this point I’m pretty much up Shit-creek-no-I’m in the middle of Shit-LAKE without a paddle; someone throw me a life preserver!

    "Trust me, I’ll need all the distractions I can get now after the new case …"